I'm Ethan.

Passionate product developer, entrepreneur, and lifelong learner focused on building customer-centric products.

My expertise


I'm a full stack software engineer. I have experience developing across a number of different mediums including native and hybrid mobile apps, chrome extensions, robotics, embedded systems, web apps, and websites.

Electrical Engineering

I have experience across a wide variety of hardware fields, including 3D printing, CAD software, Electrical Engineerings, Embedded systems, and Robotics. With all of these, I prioritize rapid prototyping and iteration.

Wireframing & Prototyping
Figma designs

I'm obsessed with creating human-centric products. With a strong emphasis on User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design, I strive to build products that are intuitive.

Product Strategy
User research

I practice Agile Scrum methodology when leading teams to create new things. I focus on concrete KPIs, human-centric product development, and fast iteration cycles. I believe keeping the end user in mind is essential.

My portfolio

Want to chat about your next big idea? I'd love to hear about it!